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Objects of joy #2 - Matthew Porter

Spontaneous and unbridled moments of joy usually arise from the most unexpected places. In this issue, we have invited content creator Matthew Porter (@matt_t_porter) from London to share his ways to cultivate joy during these long winter months.


Maven: Tell us about a recent project you are most excited about.

Matthew: As a classical music fan and member of an orchestra in London, I recently took part in some online orchestra sessions where we individually recorded our separate parts to bring together for a final piece of music. 

Live music was a major part of my life and I have so missed it in the year of COVID. Hoping with all my heart that some point this year we can all start to go back and enjoy concerts and shows once again.



Maven: Tell us about an object that brings you joy.

Matthew: I cherish my vintage Ercol dining chairs that were handed down to me from a family member. Created by Ercol's founder, Lucian Ercolani half a century ago, the heritage of craft captures the passion and quality of a classic design. Placed in the heart of my dining room and to be sat on each day for meals, these timeless pieces are still as relevant and functional now as it was created many decades ago. There is always something satisfying about putting everyday household items into good use.



Maven: Tell us about your favourite way to spend the weekends.

Matthew: Now I have a puppy (Margot, the Working Cocker Spaniel) who is the newest addition to the Porter Brooks household.  My favourite weekends involve long walks with her in the countryside to feed and satisfy my wanderlust. I enjoy a relaxing Sunday stroll, a meander down the green, leafy paths just to explore and wait for the unexpected to present itself.


We cannot force joy to happen, but we can choose to be engaging even in the smallest of things, to really look into the details, to appreciate the beauty of minutiae and that is where we find true, lasting satisfaction in life.

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