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Sapphire Crystal Glass Watch

The Affordable Sapphire Glass Watch

Scratch me if you can

All our watches are fitted with Sapphire Crystal Glass, a natural growing crystal that is made from minerals grown in furnaces which takes delicate work during machining. The end result is beautiful as the front guards the screen without interfering with the dial and its features, and more importantly it is immensely scratch-resistant with excellent hardness and durability. Its fracture toughness is around four times greater than that of Gorilla Glass and nearly twice as hard as standard mineral glass, the most commontype of glass to be found in a designer watch with a relatively cheap manufacturing process—that means, it is prone to scratching and can crack, chip or shatter if impacted. (Oops!)


sapphire crystal glass


Luckily Maven watches uses Sapphire Crystal Glass, the most expensive type of crystal which is the second hardest jewel on the Mohs mineral hardness scale (which rates around 9), comparable only to diamond (which measures 10). So, enjoy Maven watches with strong resistance and toughness as well as the aesthetic appearance and long-lasting usage—we know it is absolutely irresistible.