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Euphoria: Objects of Joy

We believe well-designed objects bring us moments of tranquility and joy.


Objects of Joy is an exploration of how great design of everyday objects have the power to shape our experience in life. Through the lens of creative individuals, we examine the connections between people and their prized possessions. We also take stock of what constitutes our contemporary lifestyles and defines the modern world.


In Maven, we see each of our crafts as joyful creations with a sense of spirit. Joy is about feeling good in the moment and being mindful of the present. Joy is to savor the little things, to properly appreciate and engage with the simple pleasures in life. In an era of mass production and overconsumption, we believe the pursuit of joy can be as simple as pausing and admiring the details of a quality watch dial.


According to designer and writer Ingrid Fetell Lee, Joy could be tangible, physical attributes through design that can lift our spirits and elicit positive emotions. These include: round things, pops of bright colours, symmetrical shapes, a sense of abundance and multiplicity, and a feeling of lightness and elevation. This indicates how ordinary things can have a profound effect on our wellbeing, and can even empower us to transcend the mundane spaces and transform our quotidian lives.


Let us celebrate and rejoice over the incredible objects created by designers that inspire us to find joy in our surroundings and bring out our best selves.