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Objects of joy #1 - Maximiliano Greppi

In alignment with Objects of Joy, we invited sculptor/ digital creator /style ninja Maximiliano Greppi (@greppigraphics) from Stockholm, Sweden to reflect on his prized possessions and his creative pursuits. Read on the interview to discover how Max projects his philosophy onto the objects he makes and owns.

Maven: Tell us about the story behind one of your sculptures.

Max: I started sculpting five years ago when I found my creativity from meditation and inner peace. This is the first sculpture I ever made. I call it “The Prophet”. It’s my favourite one from my collection of sculptures, because it reminds me of how important inner peace and creation is. Here’s a quote by Michelangelo that I really resonate with, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Every person is like that block of stone, there’s greatness inside but it has to be carved out. It has to be carved out through hard work; it has to be carved out by the individual who can perceive their own greatness. To succeed, you must carve your greatness out of the block.

Maven: Tell us about an object that brings you joy.

Max: My camera brings me joy because you can stop time and capture moments and memories so they can last forever. Photography has so much power to connect us to the beauty and joy in our lives. It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary by creating fond and intimate memories that will be treasured forever by us.

Maven: Tell us about your favourite way to spend your weekends.

Max: I love spending my weekends with my family and friends. Maybe go on a trip to some beautiful location where we can walk around and maybe stop for some coffee, take photos, laugh together and just enjoy the present moment with the ones I love. The streets in Stockholm are filled with beautiful architecture, admiring the craftsmanship of statues and buildings like these give me so much energy, creativity and calmness.


In the shot: MUS-03 Black